City Of Smoke

by Phantom Balance

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A thrilling tale of vengeance, drugs, violence, and triumph in the burned out belly of a city gone wrong. A story of survival'ing in a place so sedated and mutant it can only be found in the dark depths of your brain... on fire. Welcome yourself to the City of Smoke


released January 14, 2010

Ezrah Ounce - E.Blue
Frank Villon - A.Blue
Recorded at Pulse River Studios
exe production- K.Patrick,A.Blue,E.Blue
Beat production- Blunted Sultan, Emu, DTP music, Velvet Nightmare



all rights reserved


Phantom Balance Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Track Name: Pain Adaptation
Frank Villon-

I was walkin down the street, and felt surrounded by evil
I turned around and noticed I was being followed by four different people
Four people turned to four hundred
Four hundred turned to four million
Four million turned to four billion
I jumped in the crowd and blendid in like a chameleon
There I was, I was trapped
There was going in, but there was no comin back
I had to be like an animal, to survive, I had to adapt
Ha, so go ahead, light up the torches
Grab the nails, grab the boards, build the fortress
Grab the guns, yep, grab the pocket knifes
Me and four billion other people gonna rock tonight

Its what you smokin, its what you addicted to, its what controls your
It’s the sex it’s the dugs its the violence its killin its like
Sometimes you gotta get loud and jump in the crowd just to feel
We say fuck the sun, go head bring the

It’s the things that test ya,
it’s the prescription pills in ya moms dressa
It’s the catholic priest gone molesta
it’s the rest of evil demons that catch ya
it’s the runaways and juveniles bookin
it’s the cops, shootin without lookin
these are things you’ll have to get used to
they tell you to freeze, you freeze, but they still shoot ya

Its what you smokin, its what you addicted to, its what controls your
It’s the sex it’s the dugs its the violence its killin its in the
Of the nice guy finishin last just waitin to attack to feel
It’s a little truth stuck in a lie, it’s the things you regret sucking you Dry

Ezrah Ounce-

A billion pick pockets, the jailers look but
This thief he cannot be caught
A malfunction of the prophets, No matter how hard you try
it cannot be turned off
there was no pity, the troops got gritty, said to get that theif
they’d turn this city into dust
they want it gone, they say they want it dead, but instead go ahead now
just just turn this up
an ant hole built into a castle full of ammo this is supernatural
watch it rush
they are comin gonna convert us into nothin cause this is something
they could never touch
not the first ones to come try and hurt us, this army of squirt guns
gonna make those buildings rust
got handed a dismal blastin but managed to sit back and
watch those cannons bust
it leveled homes never know how it got me but ill never fold these metal bones
cannot be crushed
and most lied in an attempt to be sly
a ghost inside this systems trust

A mass of shadows, separatist piano play
Lord of the curb side king of the alleyway
Was born on streets gun fights as the back drop
Sons of the concrete, daughters of the black top
Fucked up the brain mutilated, I cant stop
The altitude grasped it tried to to make the lungs pop
Moved had to dance amongst cascading gun shots
Waltzed up with a million thieves, to watch the sun drop

Frank Villon-

Were going to war, there armies enforced with cops
We’ve got busted bottles, broken boards and rocks
They say they fight for freedom, I guess we fight for less
So you can give me life, or you can give me…

Ezrah Ounce-

Violent digital, focus the frequency
A problem with the analog, a clog in the machinery
We used to be at rest yes, we used to be at peace
Before we knew the difference from what it is, and what it seems to be
See the screen rolls with numbers that fade and switch
A fast set of calculation that’s amazing and quick
Its conduct makes the product they create and then pitch
You are a statistic, another person way to get rich

You are whats analyzed,
you are a corporations battle lines
In fact you are categorized
By your race and religion and what you taste in that chicken
What you hate that is different, the myspace pages you clicken
It’s the mission to know what makes you tick
What makes you feel good, what makes you sick
What makes you smart, what makes you wanna fight back
They gotta stop it before it starts, cause they don’t like that

(Written by Erick blue, and Alex Blue, All rights reserved)
Track Name: Secrets Move
Ezrah Ounce-

let me describe a simple picture

And we held hands, our fingers were twisted
you did a dance and the world was spinnen
rain in pulsin sky, the crickets were singin
flame in open eyes became love with quickness
strange, when multiplied plus by the distance
knew it was different in the fact I couldnt kick it
a witness, to your silent hit list
stood unphathomably still, like what is this?

(Chorus= Singing. Your guess is as good as mine )

Ezrah Ounce-

Ensnared tangled tripped, unaware unable gripped
pinned pushed smashed weekly
packed up then unpacked so neatly
needy never endin night im thinkin
here we go, here we go again and
this seems, to be the path and pattern we take

in the way we never restin
stressin and stressin
fightin til we breathless

is where we made memory
clocked in a mentioning
locked without sensory

passed in the blink of an eye
it made you think of a time
you didnt sink and then cry

bursted with agony
clear in the strangling
fear in that vacancy

droped from the pedastal, heart stop the sentance flow
hard on the breathin but the rush was incredible
your heart broke in keepin you, yes I found a piece or two
and when I watched your secrets move, my soul found a thief in you

I watched your secrets move
I watched your secrets move
I watched your secrets move, my soul found a thief in you, my soul found a thief in you

(Chorus- Singing)

Frank Villon

Yeah we conversated, then I contemplated
did she know the difference from love, and a crush went complicated
hold up, hold the phone
how I am suppose to hold you down when I cant even hold my own
and yeah we had our bad times, and we had our troubled days
then she put the bottle down and I put the drugs away
but we forgot that we still had an addict mindset
the lies crept in and we started to get violent
it was the cussin and the discussion and the battlein
she adapted to the pain so she thought she was happy then
when I got out of treatment, you stayed over
you kept me from relapsin you helped me stay sober
you were mad and upset, mad when I left
but its all good as long as we both have the respect
the fightin was natural, thats just what people do
my soul found a thief in you, my soul found a thief in you

Written by Erick Blue (Ezrah Ounce) and Alex Blue (Frank Villon) All rights reserved.
Track Name: D.U.I
Ezrah Ounce-

I looked n saw the flames as they leapt
The smoke scent mixin with the whiskey on my breath
The car I was sittin in it must of wrecked
Blood on my shirt and a twistin in my neck
I wasn’t sure, if I'd be burned to death
Cause the car door didn’t budge when I pressed
So I kicked it, then I kicked it again
Drops of shattered glass prickin my skin
Stepped into a world full of midnight and blackness
Walked away from the car as it burned into ashes
I heard the snappin of some twigs and some branches
trying to figure out "what the fuck just happened"
"Damn it" is all I said while tryin
to keep applyin pressure but the blood kept climbin
and that’s when thoughts came so surprisin
if I was in the passenger who the hell was drivin

EO Chorus x 2
Lord please forgive, what I did
As I walk into this world, where I live
With the chaos and the crazy, that I bring
Til I one day meet this consequence

Frank Villon-

Started to drive, tried to drive slow, drive steady
just in case we bumped heads with the pot belly's
all of a sudden this light foot it got heavy
prolly from the eight oxies I popped twenty
minutes ago it was a sickenin blow
adrenalin rush so there was no shiftin it slow
all of a sudden a dip and a turn rims tongue kissin the curb
that’s when the hundred mile an hour flippen occurred
My whole body bounced against the ceilin
The wind shield knocked all of my teeth in
there was a hole in my throat it wouldn’t stop bleedin
I was caught in the wreckage had complications breathin
I started screamin, for my brothers name
but he was drunk and must of forgot I was there, so he started leavin
as the whole car ignited in flames
the last thing that went through my brain was

FV Chorus x 2
Lord please forgive, what I did
As I walk into this world, where I live
With the chaos and the crazy, that I bring
Til I one day meet this consequence

Written by Erick Blue(ezrah Ounce) and Alex Blue (Frank Villon). All rights reserved.